Judd gets bent Over

You know what genre of movie I miss? The Ashely Judd thriller. Nothing beats watching Lifetime and cracking up over DOUBLE JEOPARDY, HIGH CRIMES, TWISTED or KISS THE GIRLS. Judd took a break from those films though and seems ready to head back to some indie titles. Her next film will be the immigration drama CROSSING OVER where she'll star in one of the lead roles. Judd joins Harrison Ford and Ray Liotta in the film, which will be directed by Wayne Kramer who also wrote the script. Judd will play a defense attorney looking to arrange the adoption of a Nigerian infant. How Angelina Jolie didn't get this role is beyond me. Judd recently starred in the drama COME EARLY MORNING and has the William Friedkin horror flick BUG coming later this year. CROSSING OVER is currently filming in Los Angeles for The Weinstein Co. who, as Chris Rock would sya, need a hit like a crackhead needs a hit.

Extra Tidbit: Judd recently admitted she did 47-days in a Texas mental hospital in 2006 to overcome a variety of emotional problems.
Source: Variety



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