Julia takes a dump

Julia Ormond British cutie and one time cinematic Harrison Ford love nugget Julia Ormond has, along with Jason Isaacs, agreed to star in the period drama LA CONJURA DE EL ESCORIAL, which Google tells me translates to something about swearing someone in or taking a dump - something along the lines of THE SWEARING IN OF THAT WHO TAKES A DUMP. Directed by Antonio del Real, the film is a historical thriller telling the true story of a particular incident during the reign of Spain's King Felipe II in 1578. It'll be shot in both English and Spanish and is set to start production September 10th. It's unknown at this point what characters either Ormond or Isaacs will be playing but they're currently both dropping deuce bombs at an alarming rate in preparation. Ormond can next be seen in the thriller SURVEILLANCE and will be seen alongside Brad Pitt in the David Fincher directed dramedy THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON and alongside Benicio Del Toro in the Steven Soderbergh directed biopic GUERRILLA. Isaacs can currently be seen making Harry Potter's life hell in HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF PHOENIX and can next be seen in the period drama GOOD.

Extra Tidbit: Seriously, if anybody can give a proper translation of the film's title, that'd be great.



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