Just what the hell is Michelle Rodriguez's Citizen Jane?

I'm still trying to understand everything behind what your about to witness, which is Michelle Rodriguez in a 70th anniversary action remake of CITIZEN KANE called CITIZEN JANE. There are a lot more weapons in this version.

This trailer was shown in Fantastic Fest, and the film supposedly stars Rodriguez's MACHETE cohorts, Danny Trejo, Jeff Fahey and Daryl Sabara. It has a teaser poster and trailer, neither of which look terribly legit.

After a decent amount of digging, Bleeding Cool has unearthed that this is a fake trailer that will appear in Aaron Burns' BLACKTINO. Burns has been visual effects artist for Robert Rodriguez, and BLACKTINO will be his feature debut. That logline is “struggling to find his place in a mostly white high school, Stefan finds sanctuary among the eclectic mix of social outcasts in the school’s Theatre Department.” I'm curious to see how CITIZEN JANE fits in there, as THAT logline is “The 70th anniversary of the film that started it all. Citizen Jane stars Michelle Rodriguez as Charlotte Foster Jane, a lethal assassin hell bent on avenging the murder of her parents in this guns blazing, action packed retelling of Orson Welles 1941 classic, Citizen Kane. She will do anything for her Rosebud… “

I think I'd much rather see that movie. Check out the trailer and poster below.


Extra Tidbit: Rodriguez loves rocking those tank tops.



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