Kane & Lynch and The Search for Yet Another Director

KANE & LYNCH, a feature film adaptation of a sub-par video game about a pair of violent and mentally f*cked up Death Row inmates who escape and team up to retrieve a stolen fortune, has gone through a couple of directors now. And evidently, nobody seems to give a shit.

According to LA Times' 24 Frames, the latest helmer to walk away from the violent mayhem is French director Patrick Alessandrin (DISTRICT 13: ULTIMATUM). We didn't even know he was in the driver's seat. Last we heard, second unit director Simon Crane was to make his directorial debut on the film, going so far as to even have his name on the poster which was revealed during Cannes back in May. However, Crane apparently walked due to "creative differences" that same month! Talk then turned to director F. Gary Gray (LAW ABIDING CITIZEN), who was reportedly interested in the project back in June. But between then and now, Alessandrin got the job... only to not now have the job. Yeah.

So who might be taking the reins? 24 Frames speculates that Gray will shoot back up to the top of the list of candidates, and likely be joined by earlier contender Wayne Kramer (RUNNING SCARED) as well as Antoine Fuqua, who already collaborated with Nu Image/Millennium (the financiers behind KANE & LYNCH) on the crime drama BROOKLYN'S FINEST.

KANE & LYNCH tentatively stars Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx as the title characters. Filming was originally slated to begin in October, but is now TBD.
Extra Tidbit: If Willis and Foxx were to fall out now that KANE & LYNCH has lost yet another director, who would be your top two choices to replace them?



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