Koepp ready to Rush

Walking around New York City and almost being run over by bike messengers more times than I can count, I've always thought that in their heads, they're imaging they're the stars of some big-budget action movie. Deliver the Matrix of Awesomeness to the Chrysler Building in two minutes or the whole world dies!! And now, courtesy uber-screenwriter David Koepp, bike messengers can imagine no longer.

Koepp has signed on to direct PREMIUM RUSH based on a script he also wrote about a bike messenger who is delivering an envelope that a dirty cop and his crew are desperate to get their hands on. A wild chase ensues throughout the city and, presumably, many innocent bystanders are almost run over. Koepp previously directed SECRET WINDOW and GHOST TOWN making a big leap up with a project Sony envisions as a big-budget action flick. The studio is currently trying to find their lead bike messenger and has put the project on the fast-track.

Extra Tidbit: Koepp starred in THE LOST WORLD as "Unlucky Bastard."
Source: Variety



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