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Jul. 14, 2012by: Jim Law

Comic Con Ten Spot: Hotties vs. Geeks 2012!

And we're back! Our annual Hotties vs. Geeks Ten Spot has been a tradition for years around these parts. It takes hours of aimlessly strolling through the Convention Center with your camera pointed outward, ready for any and all costumes. The worst part of doing this article is when I see a pretty sweet and sexy costume from behind and then stalk her for a few minutes. I finally catch up and get in front of her and she looks like a bloated bridge troll. It's awkward for everybody. I'm ready to snap a shot, she stops and expects me to line her up, and then I have to pretend I was looking at somebody behind her and rush off. I've actually pretended to take a few pictures because there was no escape. Anyhoo, enough about my problems, let's get to the battle!
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