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Top 10 Cinematic Mutations of All Time (Video Edition)

08.08.2014by: Alex Maidy
The latest incarnation of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES opens today and along with it a new generation will learn the origins of these martial arts mutants on the half shell. But, aside from the TMNT crew, there is a long history of the word mutant being associated with all sorts of creatures and monstrosities on the big screen. Here is out list for the top 10 mutant characters, good or evil, that have graced the silver screen. If your favorite didn't make the cut, feel free to let us know in the talk backs below.

#10 - Chocolate Chip Charlie (THE STUFF)

While the origin of the titular stuff cannot be determined to be alien or organic, I am going to at least chalk up what it does to the great Garrett Morris as a mutation. This classic B-movie features a white yogurt-like substance that actually takes control of the hosts, but Chocolate Chip Charlie endures the most brutal mutation of anyone.

#9 - The Hill Folk (THE HILLS HAVE EYES)

Whether it is the classic Wes Craven movies or the recent remakes, THE HILLS HAVE EYES follow a family of humans mutated by nuclear radiation that cannibalize poor and unsuspecting tourists. The original films were very low budget but the remakes definitely drive home the f*cked-up results of messing with Mother Nature.


An oldie but a goodie, Lloyd Kaufman's b-movie superhero is the poster child for movie mutants. The guy's name is The Toxic Avenger and he proceeds to kick ass with a cheesy glee that is rarely rivaled in some big budget films. While THE TOXIC AVENGER may not be the best crafted film of all time, the character himself is a permanent member of the pop culture zeitgeist.

#7 - Belial (BASKET CASE)

Another movie that many people recognize by name and maybe the poster but few have actually sat down and watched, BASKET CASE is another b-movie gem about a guy and his horribly mutated brother who lives in a wicker basket. All hell ensues as Belial must kill to feed and survive. Hilariously bad, BASKET CASE is another must see.


Maybe I am a sentimental child of the 90s, but the original TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES remain my favorite incarnation of the mutant heroes. Fun, and very goofy, every cartoon or feature with the foursome has been a fun ride. Plus, they know martial arts!

#5 - Emil Antonowsky (ROBOCOP)

Possibly the most sudden and brutal mutation in any film, Paul McCrane's demise as the henchman Emil Antonowsky is by far one of the best uses of special effects in the 1980s. I doubt anyone can watch this scene without wincing, but that goes to show just how damn effective it is. Also, toxic waste should never just be hanging around.

#4 - Kuato (TOTAL RECALL)

My favorite movie mutant, and the most quotable! TOTAL RECALL is full of memorable characters, but seeing the little stomach midget with the hazy eye urging Arnold Schwarzenegger to "open his mind" will forever remain one of my all time favorite movie moments.

#3 - The X-Men (X-MEN)

Like the Ninja Turtles, I could not pick just one X-Man to make this list as the entire concept of the mutant gene in the Marvel universe is a great concept. There are so many varied and unique mutants that it is almost impossible to pinpoint just one favorite, but the X-MEN series does remain the most fully realized mutant evolution of all time.

#2 - BrundleFly (THE FLY)

The most heartbreaking mutant on this list, BrundleFly is a tragic creation that is enhanced by Jeff Goldblum's great performance. I just wish more people would revisit this movie as it is more than a body horror/scifi flick. Truly a great movie.

#1 - Godzilla (GODZILLA)

Ah, yes. Gojira. The grandaddy of all movie mutants. Is he the most powerful or original mutant of all time? No. Is he the most long lasting and well used? No, again. But, compared to every other mutant, is there a single one as instantly recognizable as the giant lizard? Godzilla represents the perfect amalgam of science fiction, horror, and cautionary tale and will forever reign as the greatest movie mutant of all time.

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