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Aug. 10, 2011by: Jim Law

Top 10 Fantastic Foursomes of Film

If I had three really close friends that were all as cool and magical as me there's no doubt in my mind that we would change the world. Be it with music, or street dancing, or an unrelenting crime spree - you would have heard of us by now. As it is though, I hate talking to people. This is a huge damper on the preliminary plans of my super-group. And the friends I do have are only good for two things: 1. Helping me move, and 2. Helping me get black-out drunk. Not much else is accomplished when we get together. This is why I envy those on the list below, it's a lot of hard work to hang around with three other people all the time. I've tried.
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3:55PM on 09/02/2011

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