Top 12 Great Nude Careers

Sometimes I think we focus too much on who hasn't gotten naked for the big screen. Even though I have an email alert set up for whenever the words "Jessica-Biel" and "full-frontal" are used together anywhere on the web, it doesn't mean I've forgotten all the quality skin I've seen over the years. Some skin more than others. And that's what this weeks article is all about - women that have never heard of the phrase "no-nudity clause". Women that have continued to strip for the camera despite how famous they've become or how old they get. Women that would rather show the world their bush than hire a body-double. Welcome to the T&A Hall of Fame. Pants are optional.

1. Charlize Theron

It's kind of ridiculous how hot Charlize is. When you couple that with one outstanding nude showing after another you get my pick for the greatest nude career ever. If you ask me this is much more important than being named Esquire's 2007 Sexiest Woman Alive. But that's cool too. Even her worst nudeness (MONSTER) won her an Oscar and at only 32 she's surely not done with the natural look for a long time. Nude Movies: 10 - Personal Fave: THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (1997)

2. Monica Bellucci

Does anyone where clothes in Italian movies? Actually, the obscurity of those films in North America is what bumped Monica down to the two spot. If every one of her movies was released here and everyone spoke English, there's no doubt in my mind that she would be considered the hottest living woman on the planet. Not that she isn't already. Nude Movies: 17 - Personal Fave: MALENA (2000)

3. Angelina Jolie

I can't help but be annoyed by her nowadays but A-Jo certainly made a fan out of me early in her career by sharing her assets more often than not. GIA was career gold for both her aspiring stardom and internet porn sites alike. She seems a little bit uptight lately though and I don't have too much hope for future boob (make that mommy boobs) appearances in upcoming films. We'll still get Brad abs though. Nude Movies: 10 - Personal Fave: GIA (1998)

4. Sharon Stone

Shar cemented her spot on this list the moment her legs spread during her interrogation but the truth is she's done quality nudeness before and after that scene. It seemed everyone was writing scripts for her just to be naked in after BASIC INSTINCT (1992) blew people's minds. Way to show up in the sequel too. I may not know what the movie was about but Sharon proves she's still able to grab my attention whenever she wants. Nude Movies: 17 - Personal Fave: SLIVER (1993)

5. Jennifer Connelly

Only one of us was nude when I watched her ride that plastic pony in CAREER OPPORTUNITIES (1991) and it wasn't who you were hoping for. Jen has to be one of the nicest women in Hollywood to not keep those things all to her self. Take 'em out and let the rest of the world play too, that's what I say. And when I'm saying it I'm looking directly at Scarlett Johansson. Nude Movies: 7 - Personal Fave: MULHOLLAND FALLS (1996)

6. Diane Lane

Diane is one of those women I've come to appreciate more as I get older. At 42, she proves being one of the sexiest women in the world doesn't have to involve paparazzi shots of their bare box after a night of clubbing. It does involve the odd look into her private areas however, which Di has allowed often with fantastic pay-offs. Nude Movies: 12 Personal Fave: UNFAITHFUL (2002)

7. Kate Winslet

If Helen Mirren is considered England's greatest actress, she might want to keep an eye over her shoulder the next few years. Kate Winslet is phenomenal. The career she's building around her is so good I still get caught off guard every time she gets naked. It's like meeting Michael Jordan on the street and having him pull his shoes off, autograph them, and give them to you for no reason. A totally unexpected act that you're eternally grateful for. Nude Movies: 8 - Personal Fave: LITTLE CHILDREN (2006)

8. Helen Mirren

So, I'm watching SHADOWBOXER (2006) a few weeks ago at work. How many times can you say "what the f*ck?" in one movie without shutting it off? Hey, there's Steven Dorff's dong! Hey, there's Cuba Gooding Jr.'s muscular black ass for the twelfth time! Hey, said muscular black ass is now thrusting between the legs of the 60-year-old woman my mother-in-law likes to watch solve crimes on TV. What the f*ck indeed. Helen is a legend in Britain as much for her refusal to put on clothes as she is for her acting skills. She's gotta stop at some point though, right? Nude Movies: 13 - Personal Fave: HUSSY (1980)

9. Demi Moore

It wasn't as often as I would have preferred but Demi's nude scenes were so powerful they could determine box office numbers. How else could a movie like STRIPTEASE (1996) make over $113 million worldwide? That picture directly above answers a lot of questions. I strongly believe there's still some quality nudity left in the tank too. Why would she let all that work go to waste? Nude Movies: 8 - Personal Fave: ABOUT LAST NIGHT (1986)

10. Kari Wuhrer

She might not be as popular as the others on this list but she's just as hot and has worked hard to earn her spot. She first caught my eye as the sultry Gypsy woman in THINNER (1996) and then bothered me with her sweaty tank-top in ANACONDA (1997). I wanted more. I got more. Somewhere down the line Kari realized nudity was cool and decided to prove it by being naked in almost half of the movies she did from '97 to '02. That's dedication. Nude Movies: 17 - Personal Fave: VIVID (1997)

11. Jennifer Jason Leigh

She'll always be the forgotten hottie in FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH (1982) due to Pheobe Cates' brilliance but J.J. backed that bit up with more than enough repeat acts of flesh to keep us interested. Until THE MACHINIST (2004) it didn't seem like she ever aged (she's 45), which was a good thing. You always felt like you were watching a dirty little high school girl being naughty. Nude Movies: 19 - Personal Fave: SINGLE WHITE FEMALE (1992)

12. Susan Sarandon

It's been a while since she's whipped them out but Susan decided in favour of nudity early and often in her career. Too busy with her political agenda in recent years have left her fully clothed more often than not. Maybe that's a good thing (she's 61). Still, her mix of gratuitous boobs and a stellar resume have paved the way for many young hotties to fear nothing. Nude Movies: 14 - Personal Fave: THE HUNGER (1983)

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