McQuarrie is No Man

Christopher McQuarrie, the guy who wrote THE USUAL SUSPECTS is set to write a movie about World War 1, a big budget epic called NO MAN'S LAND. The film will follow three fictional characters, as they show the complex reasons why the different European powers chose which sides to fight on. This is pretty interesting news to me, since I loved WAY OF THE GUN, and also because I'm actually in the process of writing a University dissertation on the Origins of the First World War. There are so many different ways you could go with this and it'll be interesting to see which way he does.

The three characters followed, will be an American ambulance driver in France who joins the French Foreign Legion and eventually fights for the Americans when the U.S. enters the war; a British soldier wrongly accused of cowardice; and a German soldier mired in the trenches.

I know a lot of people think THE USUAL SUSPECTS is overrated (if you say so) and flat-out hate WAY OF THE GUN, but I think McQuarrie is great. He's been quiet for a while, but he looks to be having a pretty major year, since he's writing VALKRYIE (which Tom Cruise is starring in and Bryan Singer directing) and also has signed on to write THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT.
Extra Tidbit: The best scene in WAY OF THE GUN. This is neither safe for work (unless you have headphones), nor appropriate for impressionable young children. It rocks though.
Source: Variety



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