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More Bastards casting


Quentin Tarantino is still rapidly assembling his INGLORIOUS BASTARDS and their associates and foes, and there will be at least one fox in the pack of hounds.

Diane Kruger, TROY's ship-launching face and NATIONAL TREASURE's Caged babe, will appear Bridget Von Hammersmark, a haughty German film star who assists the Bastards on their mission behind enemy lines. Natassja Kinski was originally linked to the role, but Kruger's stems probably look better.

Additionally, the film apparently has its villian -- SS Colonel Hans Landa (the "Jew Hunter") will be played by German actor Christoph Waltz. Which means that the previously cast Michael Fassbender (of 300) will probably be playing one of the German-born Jews on Brad Pitt's crew of Nazi killers.

Even more -- actor Paul Rust (SEMI-PRO) is also in the cast, possibly as yet another Bastard, while the Tarantino Archives says that German actor Daniel Bruhl (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM) is also among the players.


Extra Tidbit: Wonder who's stepping into the role vacated by Simon Pegg?
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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