More lost in The Mist

Frank Darabont’s long-in-the-making movie version of Stephen King’s story THE MIST is finally gathering steam (pun acknowledged) with more potential victims being added with alarming alacrity.

Actor, genre fan and generally cool cat Thomas Jane is already on board as the hero of the haze-filled horror flick, and now he’ll be holed up in the frozen foods aisle with the lovely Laurie Holden (who Darabont utilized for his female lead in THE MAJESTIC and who has experience with battling beasties from SILENT HILL and X-FILES). In addition, dignified actor Andre Braugher will be hurling verbal barbs and broccoli as Jane’s neighbor and (human) adversary.

In case you didn’t know, the tense tale involves an eerie creature-filled fog that rolls into New England, leaving one diverse group of people trapped inside a supermarket. Darabont (whose creature feature past includes writing the 80s remake of THE BLOB) plans to remain faithful to the material and stick with a more old school 1950s monster movie vibe with the otherwordly beasts loping outside the store.
Extra Tidbit: In the 3-D audio version of THE MIST, the lead character was voiced by DIE HARD 2 villain William Sadler.



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