Moviehotties.com hits!

So we've been doing some renovating around the JoBlo.com offices of late (mostly just getting rid of all the old cigarette/bud butts, discarding all leftover lingerie -- from the hookers -- and combining all leftover beer into one re-usable keg), and MovieHotties.com is the first to come forth from all of the construction. The site is now a fully owned subsidiary of JoBlo.com, but instead of focusing on movies, it will focus on many of the lovely ladies who take part in those movies (and just hotties in general, to be honest with you), as well as many other such pertinent items (such as "boobies").

But where the immaturity at JoBlo.com ends, it begins anew on our sister site, which much like poppa-bear, will have DAILY NEWS STORIES AND HEADLINES, but also reoccurring columns such as BABES ON THE BEACH (photos of celeb babes on the beach), HOTTIE AVATARS (where you will find avatars of hot celebs), CAPTION THAT ASS (a section in which you, the viewer, can "caption" a picture), PREMIERE PHOTOS/SPECIAL EVENTS (pretty much what you think), 3 LOOKS (we pick three looks from a certain hottie...and discuss) and more!! (such as "boobies").

All of that takes place in a little section we call SEXY SHIT.


The site also includes a section called GALLERIES which (you guessed it!) features high resolution photo galleries of many of the lovely ladies who grace the site, as well as some of their background info, bio stuff, links to past stories and coming soon...hot screen-caps from some of their films!

You can also DISCUSS CELEBRITY GOSSIP in our forums dedicated to all that smut, and DROOL BACK (i.e. respond) to all news stories on the site, giving each one either a positive word of mouth (that would be represented by an ERECT HOT DOG) or a negative point of view (that would be represented by a LIMP HOT DOG). It's only the high-brow stuff here, folks! (such as "boobies")


Finally, we have a weekly HOTTIE OF THE WEEK section, which will feature a specific woman whom we feel the need to feature for the entire week (that's how we roll) and in case you hadn't guessed it already, my personal favorite section entitled, simply...BOOBIES!! If you enjoy women's figures, if you enjoy staring at the female form and attempting to guess a woman's identity by a close-up shot of her breastage every day...then this section is for you. Every day, a different set of boobs, kids (see below for some examples).

And when you speak of me, speak well.

And honestly, we've only just begun (isn't that a song?) with a massive VIDEO section to come (yeah, hottie videos, dude), plenty of more girls, plenty of more fun columns and plenty of more sexual innuendo for everyone. It's like MAXIM but online and without the articles about murderers from time to time and sponsored by our sorry asses at JoBlo.com. Hopefully you guys dig it and keep checking it out as well. More from the JoBlo Network coming soon...

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