New Fanboys trailer

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a guy made a motion picture "love letter" to STAR WARS. This film, titled FANBOYS, was then hurled into the pit of Sarlacc, where it has since been slowly digesting.

But it may finally be regurgitated on screens some time next year (the current theoretical release date is February 9, 2009). A new trailer promoting the endlessly delayed flick has arrived, and it's a curious creature.

Where is Kristen Bell and her slave-Leia outfit? If this clip is any indication, the marketing people believe that Shooter McGavin, The Shatner and a fake Harry Knowles are more stimulating to the geek community than the true foxiness of the former Veronica Mars. Mystifying! Check it out below or in HD at Yahoo.

Extra Tidbit: While it seems to have some cute moments and plenty of lip service to STAR WARS loyalists, at this point it's difficult to get behind anyone so obsessed with seeing PHANTOM MENACE. If they only knew...
Source: Yahoo



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