New featurettes for Snow White and the Huntsman take you behind the scenes

You can tell that SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN are amping up their promotional campaign, seeing as they've not only teased the upcoming new trailer, but now have these rather in-depth behind-the-scenes featurettes of the film. 

The three featurettes feature a good amount of footage from the actual film and from the set with a bit more of Kristen Stewart, including a sword swing or two.  They also give some perspective on how the filmmakers are approaching the tone of the film, seeking to make Snow White more of a badass from the get go and less of a waifish fairytale princess. 

As is the norm with this film so far, I'm really liking what they're sellin'.  These featurettes are well worth the watch, each one focusing on a specific part of the film, including sets, costumes, and one just for Charlize Theron.  Now, who can argue with that?

Check 'em out below:

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN charges into theaters on June 1, 2012. 

Extra Tidbit: Will Chris Hemsworth rock the long locks for everything now (not counting Cabin in the Woods or Red Dawn)?
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