New G.I. Joe recruits?

Fighting for freedom, wherever there's trouble, G.I. JOE is... hot?

So it would seem. Latino Review says the JOE team has found its Scarlett, and it's tight-bodied up-and-comer Rachel Nichols. Probably best known for roles in THE AMITYVILLE HORROR remake and the last season of the TV series ALIAS, Nichols (for whom I have considerable lust) will apparently be loading her crossbow and having forbidden feelings for Snake Eyes.

Speaking of that masked master of stealth, the production has reportedly also found his nemesis, the ninja Storm Shadow. Korean actor Byung-hun Lee is linked to the role, and while he may not be well known on these shores, you'd do well to track down the incredible gangster movie A BITTERSWEET LIFE for a prime example of the guy's talent.

So far the cast is shaping up nicely (i.e., the nice shapes of Nichols and previously announced Sienna Miller as Baroness), now with Ray Park's Snake Eyes facing off against a worthy rival. It's almost enough to make you forget Stephen Sommers is directing.
Extra Tidbit: In case you forgot, Stephen Sommers is directing G.I. JOE. Sorry.
Source: Latino Review



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