New Revolt poster

Want a little Michael Cera in your day?

I oblige by offering up this new poster from YOUTH IN REVOLT. There wasn't too much effort put into this one. It's basically the first one with a little photoshop action. Shove Cera over to the left, lighten him up a bit, then throw in Portia Doubleday doing her best Dolores Haze impression (without the heart shaped glasses).

As far as the movie is concerned, it gained a bit of my interest before I saw the trailer. I like Cera but his alter-ego Francois just came off corny and dare I say, rapey. It was probably because of the molestache. Perhaps that's how it's supposed to be, instead of looking like a badass, he's just a caricature of a badass dressed as a hipster.

Maybe I should just shut my trap and reserve my judgment for when I see the movie.

Extra Tidbit: Non-George Michael, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT quotes:

Tobias: I should call the Hot Cops and tell them to dress up as something more nautically themed. Hot sailors, maybe. Or better yet, hot sea—

Michael: I like hot sailors.

Tobias: Mmmm. Me too.

Source: IGN



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