New TDK spots!!

We have two new TV-spots for THE DARK KNIGHT, which apparently aired during Survivor last night. As you'd expect there's not much to say about this thing except that it still feels like absolute magic. Not that I have any interest in knocking INDY, and it's cool if you are, but I still don't know how people can be more excited about CRYSTAL SKULL than they are for THE DARK KNIGHT. But what do I know? I'm just a mysterious outlaw with a past shrouded in secrecy and a deadly score to settle.

You can check the clips out HERE and HERE. This is probably where I say something about 18th July, but I don't entertain any illusions that any of you need to be informed of when this movie comes out. By now that date is probably as familiar to you as which date Christmas day falls on, or what your name is.
Extra Tidbit: And here... we... go.
Source: The Movie Box



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