New trailer with actual footage is now up for HBO's Treme

I wanna give props to Schmoe "TarantinoDork", who in a news item I posted late last year about David Simon ("The Wire"), said the following: "You don't compare one David Simon show to another David Simon show. You compare it to every other show ever made, that wasn't made by David Simon." You're exactly right, man. There's gonna be some great shows coming to television this year, but for my money, nothing comes close to the significance of "Treme", the latest dramatic offering from Simon that looks at the lives of musicians and other locals after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Below we have the latest "Treme" trailer, courtesy of HBO. In the link I mention above, Simon tells Vice Magazine that the upcoming series is "a celebration of what we’re capable of as Americans." You feel that in this trailer, and it's what i suspect will be the show's overarching theme.

"Treme" will air this April on HBO.

Thanks to my owl-loving friend Werbal for the heads up!
Extra Tidbit: Wilson Bethel, of David Simon's other work "Generation Kill", is apparently up for the role of Captain America. How long is that list getting?!
Source: HBO



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