Nimoy on a Mission?

Nimoy's chip on the shoulder...

Wouldn't be awesome to see Spock nerve-pinch the hell out of Tom Cruise? If JJ Abrams has his way, Leonard Nimoy could very well teach Ethan Hunt a few tricks.

Talking to the folks of Collider on his current slate of genre projects, Abrams mentioned he'd love to have new BFF Nimoy come back for TREK II although nothing is decided at this point, and dreams of having some of the original IMF team reprise their roles for the 4th MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, including Nimoy who was in two seasons of the classic show.

"How cool would that be? I just got a call that Peter Graves is in great shape, which would be a very bizarre bend in the space-time continuum, for obvious reasons", the director geeked out.  "I almost feel like you could make him serious again and bringing him back. Whether it’s Nimoy, who I have an incredible affinity for, or Graves, or anyone, we’ll see."

He did attempt something like that before, but kind got flipped off... "I actually tried to get Martin Landau in Mission 3, in a very small little moment just for fun, and was told that he had absolutely no interest in doing it." Upon being honored for ED WOOD at the 1994 Comedy Awards, Landau began his speech by thanking the producers for not playing "that dreadful Mission: Impossible theme". Kanye West has nothing on this guy!

Abrams also reassures fans of "Fringe" that the Bishops aren't done with Nimoy's enigmatic William Bell yet. I'm a little behind on Season 2 for that show - How is it, aside from Anna Torv being damn gorgeous?

Extra Tidbit: Martin Landau was Gene Roddenberry's second choice to play Spock, had Nimoy turned it down. When Landau left "Mission:Impossible" after 3 seasons, Nimoy was brought in to replace him. I know, I'm a geek...
Source: Collider



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