No Apatow on GB3

Despite assertions to the contrary that are spreading all over the web, Judd Apatow is NOT producing GHOSTBUSTERS 3. Rumors started to spread earlier this week when Production Weekly claimed they had an official document which listed Apatow Productions as being in charge of the new GHOSTBUSTERS film. But the LA Times contacted Sony Pictures yesterday and got the president to go on record saying, "It's not true... Judd isn't involved." It's unclear how the rumor got started but seeing how Apatow was rumored to be involved since day one and the current writers, Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, worked with Apatow on YEAR ONE, someone could have easily faked a production document to stir up some rumors. So while maybe Sony would send offers out to Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill or whoever to star in the film, it's not an official Apatow film.

Extra Tidbit: Apatow wrote a script for Owen Wilson titled MAKING AMENDS that was never made.
Source: LA Times



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