No Jonah for you

Forget about seeing Jonah Hill transforming any time soon. Talks between DreamWorks/Paramount and Hill's reps have broken down and the actor won't be starring in TRANSFORMERS 2 after all. Word broke late last month that Hill was in negotiations to star in the sequel as Chuck, the conspiracy-minded college roommate to Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky. It's unclear what was the sticking point but it's probably a) money, b) money, c) money or d) all of the above. Though TRANSFORMERS might not have been the right project for him, I'd think Hill would want to pick his post-SUPERBAD project soon. His co-star Michael Cera has at least three starring films on the way and Hill has yet to have a starring role since. While he is dropping out of TRANSFORMERS 2, Entertainment Weekly does say he will have a cameo in NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2. So the film might not suck for those 30 seconds or so Hill is on screen. TRANSFORMERS 2 is set to begin filming next month.

Extra Tidbit: Hill is actually Jonah's middle name. His given last name is Feldstein.



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