No more Leon

This is pretty sad news, since I'm pretty sure a lot of us - even though we knew it was unrealistic - still hoped that we would one day get a sequel to THE PROFESSIONAL (or 'LEON'). Unfortunately, Natalie Portman has quashed any fantasy we might have, since she recently told MTV that "I really love that film... And I would work with [director] Luc Besson again, in a second, but [not on a sequel].” Fortunately this thing worked out like a punch to the nuts (hurts at first, but you feel better afterwards, appreciating how it feels to not be punched in the nuts and proud you can take the hit), since she also said she'd never do another STAR WARS film either.

Oh well, so that's out the window. But here's my idea; how about a prequel, without Portman or Jean Reno, just chronicling the rise of Norman Stansfield. Is it just me, or is he pretty much the coolest villain of all time? I think that would be awesome, although we'd need some wicked CGI to de-age the hell out of Gary Oldman. Portman also discusses her role in the upcoming BROTHERS, with Tobey Maguire (SPIDERMAN) and Jake Gyllenhaal (almost SPIDERMAN), which you can check out HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Portman is apparently fashion designer Zac Posen's muse.
Source: MTV



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