Point Break 2 is on

Point Break Peter Iliff, the scribe behind the tender homoerotic moments between Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in the actioner POINT BREAK, apparently feels it's time to introduce a new generation to a man candy lawman, his surfing-based crime fighting and his deep, touching bond with a criminal surfer. Yes, Iliff has written a sequel that not only follows a surfer-turned-SEAL beefcake tracking a criminal gang but reveals the fate of mastermind criminal surfer Bodhi who, in the 1991 original, supposedly fell victim to a monster wave. Swayze will likely initially scoff at being asked to reprise his role of Bodhi but after a quick reminder that he's one booze-soaked night away from an appearance on "Dancing With The Stars", he'll quickly agree. Production is scheduled to start later this year with a target release in late 2008.

Extra Tidbit: POINT BREAK has a 105 "fuck" word count so unless this sequel at least matches that, it definitely won't be worth watching.
Source: Variety



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