Reese Witherspoon offered a part in Paul Thomas Anderson's Scientology film

Paul Thomas Anderson will not give up on his Scientology film.

Over the weekend, news came that Reese Witherspoon was offered a role to star in Anderson's untitled film. Witherspoon would join Jeremy Renner and Philip Seymour Hoffman in a tale that seems to echo the life of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

The film centers on the intelligent yet charismatic character who is appropriately titled as The Master (Hoffman). He takes in a lowly drifter (Renner) with an alcohol problem, that he grooms as his right hand man.

It's said that if Witherspoon accepts the role, she will be playing the young and pregnant Mary Sue, which was the name of Hubbard's wife. Originally, the women in the screenplay did not have very meaty roles, but the draft may have had a few changes if Witherspoon will be getting on board.

Then again, this is just an offer. Witherspoon has yet to accept and is just weighing the option. Back in March, Universal passed on housing the film, but Anderson was in luck. Bill Pohlad's River Road, which has helped TREE OF LIFE, also decided to financially back the Scientology film. Anderson's project is now set up over at Paramount Vintage.

Extra Tidbit: Witherspoon refused roles in SCREAM and URBAN LEGENDS.



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