Remake casting: Josh Brolin for Oldboy? Chris Pine for Robocop?

Just as of yesterday, Spike Lee was hired by Mandate Pictures to helm the American remake of OLDBOY. Now there are already rumors of a possible lead. How does Josh Brolin sound to you? Twitch has learned that the studio is seriously considering Brolin to fill the shoes once worn by Choi Min-Sik. Let me tell you, those are some epic shoes to fill.

While I'm still trying to sort out my feelings on Lee helming, I have no qualms with Brolin in the slightest. If it has to be made, may as well try to make it as great as possible. Not sure if Lee is down for this choice, but it is just a rumor for now.

But wait! I have another person who is being eyed for the lead in a remake. According to the same site, Chris Pine is the numero uno choice for the new Robocop. The young actor tops the list of leads for MGM. I've quite enjoyed Pine thus far. No, not because of his good looks, but the guy is extremely likable.

Can you see Pine in a role that was once played by Peter Weller? Well, he is the new Jack Ryan. Why not just let someone like Tom Jane have it?

What do you guys think? You got any better ideas for these roles?

Source: Twitch



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