Reynolds is Amateur

Burt Reynolds Septuagenarian bad ass Burt Reynolds has joined the cast of the British comedy A BUNCH OF AMATEURS. In it, Reynolds stars as a washed up out-of-work former action star looking to revive his career by accepting an offer to star as King Lear in what seems to be a Royal Shakespeare Company's production of the play. What he finds is that he's been roped into an amateur dramatics production of the play. Hilarity and hijinks ensue all over the place. Though in a decidedly understated way. Imelda Staunton, Derek Jacobi and Samantha Bond, who curiously starred in DIE ANOTHER DAY, co-star. Andy Cadiff will be directing from a script by Jonathan Gershfield, John Ross, Ian Hislop and Nick Newman. Reynolds was most recently in the Uwe Boll "epic" IN THE NAME OF THE KING and can next be heard in the animated flick DELGO.

Extra Tidbit: Reynolds turned down the Jack Nicholson role in TERMS OF ENDEARMENT. He also turned down the Bruce Willis role in DIE HARD. Reynolds as John McClane? Trippy.



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