Rogen is Smith hero

Seth Rogen If you can't wait for Seth Rogen to strap on his superhero pants for THE GREEN HORNET then you're gonna love what Kevin Smith recently told Sci Fi Wire about an upcoming sci fi superhero project that he plans to do after his political horror RED STATE. He said: "First, I'm going to do a 180 turn and do a horror movie called Red State,. It's going to be a total horror-political-psychological movie without a funny line in it. Then I'm going to do the science fiction superhero movie. It's going to be an original superhero that I've created. It's stewing right now. I want to do it, though, and, God willing, it will star Seth Rogen." Is this his long-in-the-works superhero project RANGER DANGER or is this something completely different? Either way, it looks like we may be getting a healthy amount of superhero Rogen in the next few years. And for porn making Rogen, check out Smith's ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO.

Extra Tidbit: Forget Phillip Seymour Hoffman for The Penguin, let's get Rogen on it!
Source: Sci Fi Wire



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