Rogen talks Gondry

Seth Rogen It's been a good day since we reported on Michel Gondry signing on to direct Seth Rogen in the upcoming GREEN HORNET adaptation so it's about time Rogen broke his endless silence on Gondry's casting. He recently had a little pow wow with MTV and mentioned that Gondry was so jazzed about the script, which Rogen co-wrote with writing partner Evan Goldberg, he filmed a fight scene to show the producers: "He just hired stunt men and did it by himself! Just to show some of the stuff he could do, some of the weird filming techniques he has and some of the stuff he can pull off. I mean, this is something he did in two days and it was instantly unlike anything you've ever seen before. It was impossible not to hire him once he presented what he could do for it." Hells yeah. Read the rest of what Rogen had to say over HERE. The film is scheduled to begin production this year for a June 25th, 2010 release.

Extra Tidbit: Gondry played drums on Kanye West's single "Diamonds from Sierra Leone".
Source: MTV



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