Rose Huntington-Whitely is definitely replacing Megan Fox in the next Transformers movie

Well we reported last week a rumor that Victoria’s Secret Angel Rose Huntington-Whitely was the frontrunner to replace the exiled Megan Fox in TRANSFORMERS 3, but now rumor has become fact, and Deadline is reporting that she’s officially got the job.

Whitely beat out the other two finalists, Sarah Wright and Brooklyn Decker to get the part which isn’t actually the Fox role, to be clear, but as a new love interest for Sam with the Mikaela character departing. I’m curious as to how they’re going to explain that. Is Fox in the movie even for a quick exit cameo? I kind of doubt it.

No, Whitely hasn’t acted in anything ever, and is best known for being skinny and walking in a straight line wearing lingerie, but Michael Bay films aren’t exactly known for their complex female characters. If she can run away from an explosion in slow motion, that’s really all you need.

Looking through her pictures, I think she’s hot, yes. But she’s REALLY damn skinny, and in some of her pictures, I think she looks a bit uh, alien? I don’t really know another word to describe it, and I've posted some compare and contrast photos below. Say what you will about Fox’s bitchiness, but I think in the looks department she has the one–up here.

Extra Tidbit: If you're casting an Angel, I would have just gone with the champ, Miranda Kerr.
Source: Deadline



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