Rumor: Who is Holly Hunter playing in Batman vs Superman?

Recently, we found out that the amazing Holly Hunter had joined on the cast of BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. However, we didn’t get any information on who she might be play. There’s plenty of speculation amongst the fan sites on which role the actress would best fit. Who thinks they have the best one though?

Seems the guys over at Latino Review have all the answers…

Let’s start by saying this is a RUMOR. These sorts of things allow us to play around with idea of a certain character and how they might relate to the story, or fit. It may also give us different ideas. Ready for the reveal?

Latino Review believes that Hunter will be Leslie Thompkins, or a character to fill a similar role. Who is that? The short version—she was friends with Thomas Wayne, and when Bruce’s parents passed away she became a parental figure to him. She is in a way like Alfred. So that wraps it up.

Anyone else have any theories pertaining to who Hunter might play?



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