Russell Brand to scare up some laughs in RentaGhost

I've never seen nor heard of the BBC series "RentaGhost" that ran from the late-70s to early-80s but Russell Brand has. The actor/comedian has signed on to star in a Warner Bros. remake of the series.

Brand would star as Fred Mumford, a dead slacker determined to be more productive in the afterlife. He and a few other undead souls set up a "temp agency" of sorts that rent out ghosts to the living. As you might expect from a scheme like this, things quickly and hilariously go awry. In 2008, an attempt was made to relaunch the show on British TV but nothing ever came of the plans.

The studio is pitching the concept to writers as a mix between BEETLEJUICE and GREMLINS, a step-up from the BBC series which has often been described as a campy children's show.

The film puts Brand back in business with Warner Bros. with whom he recently wrapped filming on another remake, ARTHUR.

Extra Tidbit: I kinda hate the title...just me?
Source: Variety



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