S. Troopers 2 really?

Broken Lizard Comedy troupe Broken Lizard has been pretty adamant about not wanting to do a sequel to their breakout hit SUPER TROOPERS. Not so much anymore says member Paul Soter, who recently sat down for a little pow wow with Comingsoon.net. He relates: "We've had 'Puddle Cruiser' out on DVD and that's doing well, and 'Beerfest' is through the roof, so now there seems to be where people are regarding as 'Hey, it's Broken Lizard!' or 'Hey, it's the Beerfest guys!' Now that we feel like we're not quite so in danger of being thought of as 'Super Troopers' we thought, 'You know what? It's such a fun movie, it's such a fun environment and such great characters…' We feel confident now about going back and we have enough great ideas where we're like, 'Yeah, we should make this movie.'" Neato. He also mentions the possibility of the group collaborating with Johnny Knoxville in some future film. Double neato. Check out everything else he had to say over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: There's already a SUPER TROOPERS 2 entry on the IMDB.
Source: Comingsoon.net



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