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Scott Pilgrim poster


I'm squirmy with anticipation to see what director Edgar Wright does with Bryan Lee O'Malley's killer graphic novel series SCOTT PILGRIM vs. THE WORLD, but I like the way it's being plugged so far.

Although I would've loved to see Mary Elizabeth Winstead all dolled up as rollerskating kung-fu courier Ramona, this promo poster (via AICN) certainly sticks to the roots of the material, featuring the full "cast" in comic incarnation.

Click to check it out huge (the original was apparently 20 feet tall) along with some other stuff (Marvel movie logos, RANGO) from the licensing show in Vegas.

The movie revolves around the titular Toronto slacker (Michael Cera), who splits his time between playing in his band Sex Bob-omb and doing battle with the seven evil exes of his foxy but mysterious new girlfriend.

Extra Tidbit: Considering the importance of music in the original graphic novels (and Wright's utilization of songs in "Spaced" and SHAUN OF THE DEAD), the film's soundtrack should be interesting.
Source: AICN



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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