Shia is Indy's kid?

After expressing my displeasure (borderline contempt really) with INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE degrading the franchise from fantastic adventure into lowbrow travesty, only to discover a lot of JoBlo readers seem to enjoy that movie, I'm hesistant to further discuss JONES and his further adventures. But a rumor's a rumor, and a slow news day's a slow news day.

And thus we have the latest scuttlebutt on casting for the seemingly inescapable fourth INDIANA JONES flick. Word on the broadband street (initiated at AICN and all but confirmed by my old cohort Devin at CHUD) is that Shia LaBeouf (CONSTANTINE, HOLES) will have a major role in the flick... and speculation is that he'll be playing the son of Dr. Jones. My guess is he'll be named Felix, after the family cat. He's got a lotta fond memories of that cat.

While I personally wish it were not so, like a TV series that runs for too many seasons (see: ALIAS) the JONES franchise has apparently again decided that the way to resuscitate (or at least offset the otherwise arthritic cast) is to introduce a parade of previously unmentioned family members. Why oh why, if they were so insistent on exhuming Jones and company, couldn't they have just used Frank Darabont's sterling script? Oh that's right: George Lucas. Thanks again. We'll find out if it's all worth it next summer.
Extra Tidbit: A previous draft for a fourth INDIANA JONES adventure found the good doctor encountering flying saucers.
Source: AICN, CHUD



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