Snyder back to zombies

After the success of 300, Zack Snyder could pretty much get anything he wanted greenlit in Hollywood. Even Warner Bros. conceded that they wanted WATCHMEN a PG-13 movie (vs. Snyder's assertion that it should be R-rated) but lost any right to argue after 300's blockbuster opening. So after filming WATCHMEN, Snyder could be heading back to what got him here in the first place: zombies. Snyder has set up the action/thriller ARMY OF THE DEAD at Warner Bros. based on an original idea. The film is set in a quarantined Las Vegas where a father struggles to protect his daughter from a zombie invasion. Sadly it looks like RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION could be beating him to the deserted Las Vegas punch. Snyder said he wanted the film to have a "sweeping, epic quality" and while he said it would share similar techniques to that used on 300, stopped short of saying it would be filming entirely on green screen as that film was. Snyder has set Joby Harold (AWAKE) to write the script based on his concept. After the success of 300 what kind of project would you like Snyder to attack next?

Extra Tidbit: Snyder won a Gold Lion award at the Cannes Film Festival for his work directing a commercial for Jeep.
Source: Variety



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