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Something's Got a Hold on Christina Aguilera in this clip from Burlesque


It's pretty safe to say that I have zero interest in this film.

Not even Stanley Tucci could get me to watch this. When I saw the trailer for BURLESQUE, I instantly got GLITTER flashbacks and feared that I would start to violently convulse. That's also how I felt about this clip.

To be fair, Christina Aguilera has a great set of pipes on her. I just don't want to hear them. I listened to Aguilera sing for a few seconds until the clip fully loaded, then I skipped through it to see if there was anything sexy. Nope. All she does is dry hump the floor, a chair, and some of the air while singing Etta James' "Something's Got A Hold On Me". Maybe you'll like the picture I included of her after the clip.

Why is SHOWGIRLS better than this movie? Tits.

Extra Tidbit: I did say something nice.
Source: Moviefone



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