Spielberg and Cody

Steven Spielberg loves him some Diablo Cody. After teaming with the Oscar winning writer on the upcoming Showtime series "The United States of Tara," the new dynamic duo are teaming up for an untitled comedy script based on idea by Spielberg himself. What a daunting task for a writer. Steven Spielberg has an original idea and he'd like you to adapt it into a screenplay. As thoroughly pumped as I'd be at the prospect of writing for Spielberg, I'd also be equally terrified. Unfortunately these are all the details we know about the project. As The Hollywood Reporter says, DreamWorks is keeping the story under "such tight wraps that even dealmakers involved with the project were in the dark." Another interesting tidbit to come out of the news that I had never heard before - apparently Spielberg read an early draft of JUNO and considered directing it himself. Cody currently has the horror comedy JENNIFER'S BODY in post-production at Fox and is working on GIRLY STYLE (a girl's version of SUPERBAD) at Universal. Of course anyone with any details on this top secret Diabloberg production should feel free to e-mail JoBlo.com.

Extra Tidbit: Toni Collette is starring in "Tara" for Spielberg and Cody.



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