Take a look at some of the Green Lantern goods you can own!

It is not often I find myself on the same list as Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Jay-Z, Kobe Bryant and Taylor Swift. But somehow I found myself on a list with the aforementioned celebs to be among the first 100 actors, athletes, musicians and, apparently, goofy web nerds to be invited into the Green Lantern Corps.

This Tuesday, I received a mysterious package. Inside was a note: "You ahve been chosen. Further communication from the Green Lantern Corps will arrive in 48 hours."

I quickly opened it up and found this little beauty inside.

Sadly, the ring won't be available to consumers. But I did receive a secondary package with some pretty cool GREEN LANTERN goodies that can be yours.

These items - a GREEN LANTERN hoodie sweatshirt, hat and t-shirt - will all be available next year, closer to the release of the film. They weren't ready for this mailing but I'm told that Converse is also preparing a line of exclusive GREEN LANTERN sneakers that promise to be rather bad-ass.

The exterior of the second GREEN LANTERN package

The interior of the second GREEN LANTERN package

More information on the items and their availability as the release date approaches so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, I've got to ring-punch some punks in an alley somewhere.

Extra Tidbit: Sector 2814, I'm here to protect you!
Source: JoBlo.com



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