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Tarsem's Fall trailer

Hey, remember director Tarsem Dhandwar Singh? Better known as just Tarsem? He made THE CELL and then basically disappeared (some might say rightfully so), but now he's back with a new fantasy film called THE FALL.

Well, it's not really "new" -- it started making the rounds at film festivals a couple years ago (star Lee Pace has since gone on to the quirky TV hit PUSHING DAISIES), but now it seems to be finally getting a release, presented by David Fincher and Spike Jonze. As you might expect, it looks rather stunning (Roger Ebert even says "magnificent") and appars to be a PAN'S LABYRINTH-style blur of myth, but with more vivid color. And there aren't enough movies that feature Charles Darwin as a main character.

Feast your eyeballs on the trailer at IGN.

The Fall

Extra Tidbit: Since THE CELL, Tarsem has been attached to CONSTANTINE, NAUTICA, the WESTWORLD remake and a thriller call THE UNFORGETTABLE.
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