TDK Featurette

Well, after god knows how many months of reporting completely bottom of the barrel type stories, there is finally a real nice something to report on the DARK KNIGHT front. IMAX has released a featurette for their upcoming presentation of the flick, in which, as previously reported, Nolan shot four scenes in super high resolution with those awesome IMAX cameras. Rumor has it that there will be a seven minute prequel to the film that goes out with I AM LEGEND, but that is something we'll have to wait to find out. Today though, you can grab this featurette right HERE. In it, Chris Nolan talks about how he was always fascinated by the IMAX technology, his Director of Photography, Wally Pfister talks about his giant nerd boner for the new cameras he gets to use and now I talk about my giant nerd boner for this film. I'll be honest, if you don't care about mega high resolution and the ability to shoot film with larger sized negatives, there's not a whole load in this clip for you, but... it's Batman, bitches. And those guys could be talking about their favorite childhood farts, that music gives me bat-chills, it's just so epic!
Extra Tidbit: Also, where are Nolan and his buddies being interviewed? It looks like World War 2 Poland or Cher's basement over there.
Source: IMAX



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