The Neverending remakes

I know a lot of you out there hold a special nostalgic fondness in your heart for THE NEVERENDING STORY. It has a special meaning to me but for completely different reasons. NEVERENDING STORY was the first movie I ever fell asleep in. I was so completely bored by that movie (for some odd reason I even sat through the sequel, which was even worse). I had friends who loved it and I'd go over their house and they'd want to watch it and my eyes would just about roll back in my head. So I'm not really that broken up that Warner Bros. is looking to remake this movie. Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy along with Leonardo DiCaprio are producing a big-budget remake of the 1984 fantasy film. For those who are fiercely protective of their neverending stories, the announcement was quick to mention that the project is in the very early stages of development and that no writers have been attached (i.e., they just wanted to secure the rights before someone else did). So there may never be a NEVERENDING STORY remake just something that gets kicked around....

Source: THR



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