The wait time for another Mortal Kombat film might get a little longer

Most of us were open to anything MORTAL KOMBAT when news came that a reboot was in the works. Also, lingering somewhere are plans for a third installment of the KOMBAT series. Well, both of these may take even longer than planned.

Threshold Entertainment Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Warner Brothers claiming that Warner Bros shut them out of production on the third film. Threshold owns a licensing interest.

In the early 90's, Threshold entered into a partnership with the game's developer, Midway to develop KOMBAT into a variety of media, including feature films.

The lawsuit states Threshold and Midway entered into a contract in 2006 to develop the third KOMBAT film, including script development and pre-production. However, when Midway went bankrupt last February, Warner Brothers bought the properties. Threshold states that the matters in bankruptcy court upheld its interests and licenses as a part of the sale.

Threshold is also saying that Warner Brothers has failed to work with them on MK 3, and that they have been avoiding any communication with the company.

Well, this kind of sucks, but it's not ruining my day by any means. I'm sure they'll find a way around it and Warner Brothers will get back to work on the reboot as well as the third film (if that still happens). I also look at it from the perspective that this will give the people who are working on it a little bit more time to let their ideas stew around.

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Source: The Wrap



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