Veronica Mars flick unlikely

I saw VERONICA MARS every now and then, but I'd love to see Kristen Bell all the time. Unfortunately, now that MARS died an unceremonious death and she hasn't really made the successful move over to the big screen, you're basically stuck looking at stuff like THIS, until FANBOYS hits. Recently though, she took the time to talk to MTV about the idea of a VERONICA MARS flick:

“There’s [rumored] talk of a movie one day. Maybe. Who knows?... [But] we haven’t even discussed it... Depends on how well I age... But I’d go wherever [the writers] took me. I think that they’ve always been utterly brilliant.”

So I guess the idea of a VERONICA MARS film isn't completely out of the question. I'm sure one day someone will decide that MARS is a guarantee for a ton of money and this thing will get made. Plus, we all know Bell is gonna age wonderfully.
Extra Tidbit: Bell has two dogs named Lola and Mr. Shakes.
Source: MTV



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