Watchmen ad winners

WATCHMEN contest

Update: As pointed out by Dave, there were five ads that received the most votes by YouTube users that, though they won't be featured in the film, the winners did get themselves soh-weet High-Definition Canon Vixia HG10 camcorders. Check them out at the below YouTube link. Big props to them too!

Not too long ago, the producers of the upcoming comic adapted, Zack Snyder directed WATCHMEN proposed a contest asking people to create ad spots for the assorted products of Veidt Enterprises, the CEO of which is one of the film's superheroes Adrian Veidt aka Ozymandias. The winners would be hand-picked by Snyder and not only win a cool thousand duckets but a chance to have their ad appear in the film itself, running on TV's in the background during scenes.

The winners were recently announced and all are as deliciously cheesy as they were supposed to be. Check them out by clicking through to our video hub. The film of course takes place in a world where superheroes have gone into disfavor but when one turns up dead, the ensuing investigation unravels a complex web of mystery and intrigue. It all goes down March 6th of next year.

WATCHMEN contest winner

Extra Tidbit: For tons more ads, check out the contest's YouTube page HERE.
Source: Warner Bros.



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