Weekend Box-Office: November 19-21, 2010


Potter smashes records...!!!

With only 2 HARRY POTTER movies remaining in their arsenal, Warner Bros is surely stoked to see the second-to-last installment of the popular fantasy series -- entitled HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1 (to be followed by PART 2 in 3D next July) -- open with a whopping $125M in its first three days of release, which beats the franchise's previous biggest opening from 2005's HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, which had opened with $103M at the time (and finished with $290M when all was said and done). Specific POTTER openings and final tallies below...

...Sorcerer's Stone $90M $318M
...Chamber of Secrets $88M $262M
...Prisoner of Azkaban $94M $250M
...The Goblet of Fire $103M $290M
...Order of the Phoenix $77M $292M
...The Half-Blood Prince $78M $302M
...The Deathly Hallows $125M ??

The film scored the 2nd highest November opening of all-time (behind TWILIGHT'S NEW MOON which opened with $142M last year) and the 6th highest opening weekend of all-time behind THE DARK KNIGHT ($158M), SPIDER-MAN 3 ($151M), TWILIGHT: NEW MOON ($142M), POTC: DEAD MAN'S CHEST ($135M) and IRON MAN 2 ($128M). It also made another $205M overseas, which brought its grand total for the weekend (worldwide) to $330M. Not too shabby for three days, right?

Despite being kicked out of the #1 spot, MEGAMIND, remained strong in second place, and added another $16M to its total, which is now clearing the $110M mark. Denzel Washington's UNSTOPPABLE also stayed strong with a 3rd place finish and an additional $13M added to its total (btw, if you missed it, we asked our readers what their favorite Tony Scott movie was HERE).

Russell Crowe's latest film entitled THE NEXT THREE DAYS continues the star's downward spiral at the box-office, making less than $7M in its opening, which made it the worst opening by Crowe since 2006's A GOOD YEAR. The star's two previous thrillers hadn't done well financially either, 2008's BODY OF LIES and 2009's STATE OF PLAY, but at least they had opened decently with $13M and $14M respectively.

The weekend's biggest drop-off came from SKYLINE, which wasn't a terribly surprise to anyone, but losing 70% of your audience from one week to the next, is certainly a negative...even if the film only cost $10M to make.

And while the Naomi Watts/Sean Penn starring FAIR GAME slipped into the top 10 this week, despite its limited release (it's only playing in 386 theaters), three films were booted from the top 10 this week including PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2 ($84M), SAW 3D ($45M) and JACKASS 3D ($116M). The latter film became the highest-grossing film from the JACKASS franchise, while SAW 3D became the lowest-grossing film from that franchise.

Next weekend sees the release of 4 big movies including LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal, the latest animated Disney movie entitled TANGLED, the movie that reminds me a lot of SHOWGIRLS but this one stars Christina Aguilera and Cher called BURLESQUE and the film that I'm the most stoked about for next week: FASTER starring Dwayne "The Rock' Johnson (nice to have you back, dude). But it's all about Harry Pothead this week, so our question to you is: how much money do you think the latest HARRY POTTER film will end up with, when all is said and done? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Harry Potter and... $ 125.1 Million
2. Megamind $ 16.2 Million $ 109.5 Million
3. Unstopppable $ 13.1 Million $ 41.9 Million
4. Due Date $ 9.2 Million $ 72.7 Million
5. The Next Three Days $ 6.8 Million
6. Morning Glory $ 5.2 Million $ 19.9 Million
7. Skyline $ 3.4 Million $ 17.6 Million
8. Red $ 2.5 Million $ 83.6 Million
9. For Colored Girls $ 2.4 Million $ 34.5 Million
10. Fair Game $ 1.5 Million $ 3.7 Million




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