Who tested for JLA?

Over this past weekend, JUSTICE LEAGUE director George Miller flew in from Australia to spend a few days in Los Angeles auditioning actors to play Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and the like. You already know Jessica Biel wasn't there, but who was there? According to The Hollywood Reporter, among those auditioning were Adam Brody ("The OC"), Joseph Cross (RUNNING WITH SCISSORS), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (GRINDHOUSE) and Common (SMOKIN' ACES). It's obvious that Winstead and Common were testing for Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, respectively, and let me go on record as saying these are great choices. Winstead, in particular, makes a great Wonder Woman. I would imagine Brody would be testing for Superman and Cross for Flash, but I'm just theorizing there. THR says that no costumes were involved in the testing but actors were often taped reading against each other to test chemistry. Among other Hollywood young 'uns to test for a part include Michael Angarano (SKY HIGH), DJ Cotrona ("Windfall") and Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki and Scott Porter, all of "Friday Night Lights." I'm still not sure if I'm behind this movie 100% but it certainly will be interesting to watch as it ramps up...

Extra Tidbit: Winstead is actually related to Ava Gardner.



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