Wiseman gets Motorcade

Len Wiseman, director of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD and lucky bastard husband to Kate Beckinsale (right), is negotiating to direct the upcoming thriller MOTORCADE. The film is pretty much what you'd expect - terrorists plot to hijack the presidential motorcade. The film was written by Billy Ray (SHATTERED GLASS) from a concept by Hans Bauer (any relation to Jack?) and Craig Mitchell. As I'm sure you've heard by now, Wiseman is set to direct a GEARS OF WAR movie at New Line. Wiseman is currently working on the script with Chris Morgan (WANTED) but could MOTORCADE leapfrog GEARS and go into production first? It would seem that way as MOTORCADE seems much further along. And what does Wiseman's involvement with a new production mean to a GEARS OF WAR movie and any delays it might see? (PS - Kate Beckinsale has nothing to do with either of these movies but I'd rather Google pictures of her than Len Wiseman, "Gears of War," or presidential motorcades.)

Extra Tidbit: Wiseman worked as a prop assistant on STARGATE.
Source: Variety



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