Yes for Molly Sims

LAS VEGAS jackpot sexpot Molly Sims looks pretty amazing and can probably act, at least a little, which must be why she just landed roles in two high-profile comedies.

The knockout clothes rack will join Jim Carrey in YES MAN, in which he plays a guy who challenges himself to say "yes" to everything for an entire year (within reason, one assumes - "Hey, will you insert this length of barbed wire into your rectum?"). Sims will play his ex-wife, an object of desire and source of aggravation. The movie comes from director Payton Reed, of BRING IT ON and the underappreciated romp DOWN WITH LOVE (he was also an unstable molecule away from directing FANTASTIC FOUR, which would have been preferable). The cast already includes Bradley Cooper, lovely mushmouth Zooey Deschanel, and John Michael Higgins, who stole scenes in Reed's THE BREAK-UP.

Sims will also have a role in Steve Martin's THE PINK PANTHER 2, which I'm sort of glossing over because it just painfully reminds me he made the first one.
Extra Tidbit: The negligible outfit in the above picture is apparently constructed from $30 million worth of precious gems. Which now have even more value.



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