Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch may not be in 3D due to a post conversion backlash

I think we can all agree that post 3D conversion blows. Everyone that saw ALICE IN WONDERLAND or CLASH OF THE TITANS should still be feeling the effects, or lack thereof.

Originally Warner Bros. had planned for SUCKER PUNCH to be one of their first films to go through the post conversion process. However, Snyder isn't sold on it just yet.

The director has seen some of the results of his film converted and feels like it may not be for his film. Actually, he says he doesn't want to "screw up" the film. I think this is a great call on Snyder's part. The conversions haven't been the greatest and are definitely not necessary. I say if you want to do 3D go all the way. Film the thing with the 3D cameras and pick projects that are fitting. Don't put boring dramas of people eating spaghetti in 3D. Not that anyone has done that, but I wouldn't put it past Hollywood.

Check out the video below to hear Snyder discuss his opinions on the subject.

Extra Tidbit: I commend Snyder for standing up and saying, "Hey this may not be a good idea..."
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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